St Martins Youth Arts Centre have announced the appointment of Kerry O’Sullivan as new Executive Director and Co-CEO.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that after a robust recruitment process Kerry O’Sullivan has been appointed to the role of Executive Director of St Martins Youth Arts Centre for the next three years” said Elise Margow, Chair St Martins Youth Arts Centre. “Kerry has extensive experience in the independent theatre space and joins St Martins at a very important juncture. Under the accomplished guidance of Narda Shanley, our outgoing Executive Director, and Nadja Kostich, our current Artistic Director, St Martins continues to establish a niche within the theatre world creating professional work using the talents and voices of children and teenagers for adult audiences. The Board is confident that Kerry has the requisite drive, experience and capability to take over the Executive Director reins and together with Nadja steer St Martins artistic and business vision to the next phase of growth and development. We look forward to working with her to achieve this.”

Co-CEO and Artistic Director Nadja Kostich, is likewise looking forward to the future, “Welcoming Kerry to St Martins is an absolute privilege and I am just thrilled that we have been able to attract someone with such a stellar experience and background. Kerry is the perfect person to take on the wonderful work of Narda Shanley thus far, and to make the next chapter of St Martins’ future a remarkable one.”

Kerry O’Sullivan has previously worked at The Blue Room Theatre in Perth as Executive Director for over five years, Producer for two years and is the Co-Founder of Barefaced Stories. During her tenure at The Blue Room Theatre, she oversaw an increase in turnover of over $400,000 (excluding box office and auspice) which included the negotiation of an additional funding agreement at state level for the LOFT program. Box Office grew from $168,000 in 2011 to $379,000 in 2016 with a large portion of this going directly back to independent artists. The Blue Room Theatre’s 2015 giving campaign saw donations grow to over eight times the size of the donations in 2011, securing solar panels for the venue and helping to embed sustainability as a core value throughout the organisation.

Of her appointment, Kerry states “St Martins is an incredibly bold and ambitious company that has a unique voice. I feel proud to be a part of a company that I was watching with interest across the other side of the country. I can’t wait to step into work with Nadja and the team, particularly the young voices of St Martins. Narda has left some big shoes to fill but I feel excited by the challenge.”

Outgoing Executive Director, Narda Shanley says “Kerry brings with her a wealth of experience, her time at Blue Room was one of sustained and sustainable growth, and her passion for excellent independent theatre is truly inspiring. I have every confidence that she can take St Martins to the next level, and look forward to cheering her on over the next three years.”

For further media enquiries, please contact Narda Shanley on or 03 9252 0753.

About St Martins St Martins makes art because we believe adults have a lot to answer for, and children ask the best questions. We believe children inhabit the earth, not just inherit it. And so, we make work with and by children for adults.

Our organisation has almost 40 years of history and as such is multi-faceted, with a number of interwoven programs that share a fundamental philosophy. We strive to be inclusive, civically minded, socially engaged, and to embody these tenets through who we are and what we do.

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