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Donors listed below are from 2023-2024 . 2024-2025 donors will be acknowledged from July 2024.

DREAMERS ( $10,000 + )

Michael Kantor
The Crawley Clinic


DISRUPTORS ($2,500 + )
Bark Theatre Company



MAKERS ($500 + )
David Chong
Louise Herron
Aida Innocente
Maryclare Los
George Morstyn
Penelope Nunn
Michael Perkins
Wolfie Sun
Tomasz Woźniak

VISIONARIES ($5,000 + )



TRANSFORMERS ($1,000 + )
Simon Bedford
Steven Bradby
Rob Fildes AM
Andrew Joseph
Elise Margow
Janet Whiting AM and Phillip Lukies

Emma Anderson
Nick Baker
Meaghan Bare
Ann Fuller
Lynne Haultain
Graham Haynes
Alison Richards
Ben Ruse
James Henry Syme
Anonymous (3)

CHAMPIONS ( < $200 ) 
Jan Armstrong-Conn, Simon Abrahams, Michele Bauer, Lois Bedson, Luca Benes, Charles Bickford, Fay Bock, Lynda Brest, James Buick, Rachel Burke, Julie Carpenter, SJ Chapman, Emilie Collyer, Ana Constantinou, Katrina Cornwell, Adriano Cortese, Mark Cowell, Kirsty Ellem, Freda Erlich, Anna Figueiredo, Callum Finlayson, Kath Fyffe, Sophie Gale, Rinske Ginsberg, Jan Gishen, Jessie Goldsmith, Elissa Goodrich, Dr Ronald Goodrich, Andrew Green, Emma Hall, Rick Hargreaves, Julie Harrington, Tim Haynes, Paula Hernandez, Ronnie van Hout & Catherine Plunkett, Heather Howard, Christine Hinton, Bev Joseph, Carolyn Lau, Suzy Marty, Karin McLean, Alix McManus, Melinda Morna, Martina Murray, Telia Nevile, Elizabeth Pearce, Outer Urban Projects, Lisa Pfisterer, Vivian Qin, Jo-Anne Roberts, Cat Sewell, Joseph Sherman, Nola Smith, Catherine Stevens, Chris Thompson, Julie Turner, Roslyn Varley, Tao Weis, Lesley Wesseik, Justin Wheelahan, Debbie Wiener,  Daniel Zika

We acknowledge the barriers to the arts that exist for many young people because of disability, cultural difference or social disadvantage and we offer scholarships and programs to overcome these barriers.

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