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Venue FAQ.

Are your venues available for all purposes?

We are a youth arts community space, so we enforce a strict policy on ensuring all activities in our spaces are safe and align with our company values.

Can I have a party at your venues?

We can host children’s birthday parties in St Martins Hall. Our other venues are not available for birthday parties, and none of our venues are available for events like bucks, hens, 18ths, 21sts and 30ths (etc.)

Do I need public liability insurance?

Yes. External hirers are not covered under our public liability insurance, so you’ll need to provide your own.

Irene Mitchell Studio

Can I book the Studio for one or two days?

Yes! We have daily and weekly rates for the Studio, depending on your requirements and our availability. Please fill out the enquiry form with what you need.

Randall Stage

Is the Randall Theatre available for public performances?

No. We’re working on it. However, the Stage is available for rehearsals, workshops, filming etc. 

St Martins Hall

Do you do children’s birthdays in the Hall?

Yes, we’d love to provide a space for your young person! We generally approve birthdays up to 14 years old. You may need to hire staff if there are special requirements, such as live animals.

Can I have an 18th, 21st or 30th (etc.) in the Hall?

No, we only host birthdays for children up to 14 years old.

Can I provide alcohol or offer BYO at an event in the Hall?

Yes, you can have a drink. However, under our liquor licensing, it must not be for sale. You cannot serve your own alcohol at a paid event.

What kitchen facilities do you have in the Hall?

We have a basic kitchenette, but there is no fridge or cooking facility. You may bring your own caterers.

When do we have to be out of the venue?

Due to it being a residential area, everyone must be packed up and out by 11pm, keeping noise levels low with respect to our neighbours.

Excited to see our space? Your question not here? Get in touch!

We acknowledge the barriers to the arts that exist for many young people because of disability, cultural difference or social disadvantage and we offer scholarships and programs to overcome these barriers.

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