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Digital performance “Us” connects audiences through art

St Martins’ latest work – Us – is a digital performance that invites audiences into the lives and homes of four Melbourne families. Performed live each night, Us captures micro-interactions between parents and their children, the beautiful, frustrating, messy, ridiculous, loving moments that usually go unseen and are left out of grand narratives. 

The performers know they are being watched and at times speak directly to the audience. Together the performers retrace the exact moments, big and small, that led them to be this person, in this performance, in this community gathering in cyberspace. 

A response to the changing world that sees isolation and connection through emerging technologies exist simultaneously, Us aims to bring communities together and push the boundaries of new, adapting artforms in the digital realm.

The season kicks off 31 July, 2021 and runs until 7 August, 2021.

For more info and tickets, check out Us.