Congress is a diverse group of passionate, deep-thinking and articulate young people. They are the leaders, provocateurs and advocates of our St Martins community.

Congress is a laboratory, a testing ground, a think tank. At Congress we’re not focussed on outcomes, we’re focussed on the process.

We see Congress as a place where children who are curious and creative can explore the process of art making.

Congress holds weekly workshops on topics that are meaningful to its members.

Young people across a range of ages discuss, debate and analyse ethical dilemmas from every angle.

After a robust conversation, our workshop artist moves the investigation to the floor where the ideas are explored physically.

Congress is currently exploring seminal performance works from modern history.

They could be Yoko Ono’s performance works, Joseph Beuys happenings or Marina Abramović’s endurance performances.

As a group, we look for the kernel of the idea behind the work and explore how we may use that idea in the creation of our own art today.

Congress is a space where we invert the hierarchy of our company. Our artistic team often drop by to ask for feedback on a company activity or to discuss an idea related to a performance we’re creating.

Congress is evidence that together we can create a space where everyone feels able to step up and articulate an idea or a question that’s boiling underneath.

Learn more about our workshop philosophy and workshop artists here.

“Congress is a really special thing. The members tell me they feel heard equally. Still as children, but remaining equal collaborators in the experience. You can see the fire behind their ideas. I feel privileged being in this space.”

Ahmarnya Price, Congress Workshop Artist

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