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A Resourceful Hero Struggling Against Incredible Odds

A Resourceful Hero Struggling Against Incredible Odds

A person is centre-frame, mid-air, with a green screen on the left and explosions on the right
5 – 13 February 2022

St Martins and Rawcus unite with a group of queer and allied young people to explode the word ‘hero’ into a thousand pieces and save you from it. [epic music] 

Presented at the Malthouse Forecourt as part of Midsumma’s And / Or program.  

Using verbatim text from 90s action films, A Resourceful Hero Struggling Against Incredible Odds is a simultaneous homage to and lambasting of Hollywood blockbusters. [gunshots and explosions] 

A celebration of diversity and visual story-telling, this performance offers a chance to see the heroes none of us grew up with on our big (or small) screens.  

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Cast & Creatives

Co-creator / Director / Katrina Cornwell 

Co-creator / Writer / Morgan Rose 

Creative Producer / Harriet Devlin-Dunbar 

Production Manager / Alana Hoggart 

Co-creators / Rawcus Ensemble / Clement Baade, Harriet Devlin, Joshua Lynzaat, Kerryn Poke, Rachel Edward 

Co-creators / Performers / Alice Qin, Isaac Edwards, Hattie Elliott, Ben Goss, Belle Hansen, Summer Metcalf, Oscar Nelson-Smith, Maya Sandon, Ruben Waters, Vito van Hout 

Sound Designer / Daniel Nixon 

Visual Designer / Emily Collett 

Design Assistant / Xasha Chua-Huggins 

Technical Manager / Justin Gardam 

Stage Manager / Vivienne Poznanski 

Assistant Director / Cassandra Gray