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Balit Liwurruk: Strong Girl

Balit Liwurruk: Strong Girl

4-7 September 2019

Balit Liwurruk: Strong Girl is a contemporary and poetic take on culture and the ways we find the inner strength to stand on the shoulders of previous generations to reach into the unknown.

In collaboration with Worawa Aboriginal College, StMartins presents a work that overturns common assumptions about First Nations girls.

Green Room Awards Nominations for:
Best Production
Best Lighting Design
Best Set, Costume, Video Design
Best Music Composition and Sound Design.

‘It’s like you’re holding something really old but when you carry the language, you’re carrying the land and you’re carrying the people with you. No matter how much time goes by, it’s still going to be there, inside of us. Nobody knows what’s inside of us but us.’

– Mary Cruz

Collaborators and Performers / Aunty Zeta Thomson with Rose Archie, Kimberley Benjamin, Paris Carpio, Shontay Charles, Tiara Douglas, Mary Cruz Fernandez, Mariah Manggurra, Justine Ronberg, Rochelle Tipiloura, Dorothea Tipiloura and Katelyn Woodhouse.

Worawa Principal and Elder / Dr Lois Peeler AM

Director / Nadja Kostich

Composer / Naretha Williams

Set and Costume Designer / Emily Barrie

Choreographer / Rheannan Port

Dramaturge / Kamarra Bell – Wykes

Producer / Damienne Pradier

Production/Stage Manager / Sarah Jane Robertson

Lighting Designers / Rachel Burke and John Ford

Rigger / Andy Bright

Video Designer / Michael Carmody

Artistic Associate / Katrina Cornwell

Artistic Contributors / Eva Grace Mullaley and Carissa Lee

Performance Coach / Chanella Macri