5-8 Year Olds – St Martins Youth Arts Centre
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St Martins Workshops

5-8 Year Olds

Young people 5 to 8 are brimming with imagination and play. Our drama focused workshops harness the creativity of young people whilst instilling principles of focus and group work and building the confidence to speak your mind and share your ideas.

In this workshop, your young person can expect to:

Over the semester, the group will build to a short performance, created collaboratively.

Dates & times 2021

Term 1 

28th January

8th April

Term 2 

26th April 

24th JuNE

Term 3

11th July

16th September

Term 4

3rd October

20th December
4:30pm – 6pm

St Martins South Yarra

4:30pm – 6pm

Northcote High School

9:30am – 11am

St Martins South Yarra

9:30am – 11am

Northcote High School

We acknowledge the barriers to the arts that exist for many young people because of disability, cultural difference or social disadvantage and we offer scholarships and programs to overcome these barriers.

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