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For The Ones Who Walk Away

For The Ones Who Walk Away

27 September – 1 October 2017

‘My utopia has no ground, everything is just sky… ’

What would make you abandon immeasurable happiness for a world that promises nothing? St Martins is inviting audiences to roam its many rooms in search of the traces of the ones who walked away. 

Collaborators & Performers: St Martins Ensemble of over 60 young people from all 5 St Martins sites aged between 9 and 17.

Greenroom Award for Best Design
Melbourne Fringe Festival Award for Best Live Art

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Concept and Direction / Nadja Kostich

Text / Ursula K. Le Guin, Daniel Keene and the St Martins Ensemble

Associate Director / Luke Kerridge

Dramaturgy and Video Design / Michael Carmody

Composition and Sound Design / Jethro Woodward

Set and Costume Design / Emily Barrie

Lighting Design / Richard Vabre

Associate Artists / Stefan Bramble, Kat Cornwell, Harriet Devlin, Lyndsay Marsden, Katy Maudlin, Joana Pires, Ahmarnya Price and Gabriel Collie.

Production Management / Filament Design Group

Producee / Narda Shanley