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Ahmarnya Price


Ahmarnya Price is a visual artist and performance maker who draws, paints, animates, writes, directs, teaches and performs. She craves bodies, landscapes and stories in art, on stage, in the media and in audiences that more accurately represent the world in which we live. Ultimately, through the crafting of small to large scale exhibitions and performances, Ahmarnya aims to make work that challenges the gods.

Since 1999 she has exhibited and performed throughout Australia, Europe and Asia. She has been a lead artist at St Martins Youth Arts since 2016 and has worked with various theatre companies over the past twenty years including Back to Back Theatre and Rawcus.  Currently, Ahmarnya is developing her solo performance The Splendid Anomaly – a live performance essay combining storytelling, drawing, animation and sound to examine and celebrate the brilliant and innovative ways that humans, animals and plant species have and do adapt to change and ‘perceived’ limitation’.