For The Ones Who Walk Away

‘My utopia has no ground, everything is just sky... ’

What would make you abandon immeasurable happiness for a world that promises nothing? From the company that brought you The Bacchae and Gonzo, this new performance installation takes over SITEWORKS, Brunswick, inviting audiences to roam its many rooms in search of the traces of the ones who walked away.

Concept and direction: Nadja Kostich
Text: Ursula K. Le Guin, Daniel Keene and the St Martins Ensemble
Associate Director: Luke Kerridge
Dramaturgy and video design: Michael Carmody
Composition and sound design: Jethro Woodward
Set and costume design: Emily Barrie
Lighting Design: Richard Vabre
Associate artists: Stefan Bramble, Kat Cornwell, Harriet Devlin, Lyndsay Marsden, Katy Maudlin, Joana Pires, Ahmarnya Price and Gabriel Collie.

Production Management: Filament Design Group
Producer: Narda Shanley

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27 September – 1 October 2017

33 Saxton St Brunswick

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