Presented by The Rabble & St Martins

LONE is a beautiful and delicate experience one on one with a child.

THE RABBLE collaborate with eleven children between the ages of 8 and 11 to create a bespoke performance installation to be experienced alone. The young performers are asked to imagine a room designed to be inhabited alone. Audience members are asked to navigate this imagined world, perhaps eventually catching a glimpse of their own childhood.

LONE is a thoughtful and gentle work that asks an audience to explore ideas of aloneness and loneliness as they intersect with childhood and adulthood.

THE RABBLE are a group of visionary women who have consistently produced bold, provocative and visually stunning theatrical experiences and have forged an unrivalled reputation for producing experimental theatre of the highest quality. Their work interrogates the human condition, through a combination of surreal and visceral aesthetics, feminist sensibility, and the application of deeply researched, intellectual rigour.

As one of Australia’s leading companies working with children, St Martins produce bold and disruptive theatre made with children and teenagers for adult audiences because we believe adults have a lot to answer for and children ask the best questions. Recent new works include For The Ones Who Walk Away, Gonzo, The Bacchae and Fitter. Faster. Better. which have been made in collaboration with leading festivals and companies, including the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne Festival, Fraught Outfit, Dark MoFo, Melbourne Fringe, Darwin Festival, Dance Massive, Junction Arts Festival, BIFEM, Theatre Works and Castlemaine State Festival.

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LONE from THE RABBLE on Vimeo.


June 8 -17 2018

North Melbourne Town Hall 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

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