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40:40 Live is a once only digital performance that celebrates the moments, big and small, that make us who we are. Performed by 60 young people, aged 6–18, and inspired by the stories of our alumni, the work evokes the turning points, the pivotal moments of the many who have been through St Martins’ doors since 1980. In celebration of 40 years of telling stories, 40:40 Live is a kaleidoscope of memories, of pin pricks in time, that together trace the pathways that life can take; the time you bribed your sisters to walk 4 hours to the library, the moment you first experienced audience applause, the split second where you were nearly hit by a car, the time you met your soul-mate onstage.

Intimate, engaging, confronting and entertaining 40:40 Live is an invitation to the curious, to art lovers and to all those who shaped St Martins to reconnect, re-enter and remember.

In a year marked by disconnection, St Martins wants you to party with us online. Be transported through the imagination, authenticity and joy of our young people.

Join us on the 12th December, at 4pm for a once only online extravaganza celebrating our 40 years.


12 December

Online 4pm-5pm



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