We’re open, we’re collaborative and we’re inclusive.

This approach to how we create work with children circulates throughout the whole company.

At St Martins the focus of our work is on young people as themselves – at the centre of which is their individual creativity.

Everyone mixes in together. We create a space that’s inclusive of all children and perspectives.

If that means we need to introduce support staff into the room, we will.

If we need to take more time, change our language or the way a workshop is run to suit the abilities of all the children in the room, we will.

At St Martins, everyone is encouraged to adapt. Everyone is learning from each other whether they have accessibility needs or not.

Read more about our inclusion philosophy here.

“Some teenagers who come to us are dealing with a lot of personal stuff. They tell me St Martins has given them a safe space to work through it all. I’ve had some amazing conversations with students who feel they’re able to be themselves here, that St Martins is the only place where they’ve been encouraged to do that.”

Harriet Devlin, Workshop Artist

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