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28 St Martins Lane, South Yarra VIC 3141


Term Dates 2020

Term 1 30 January – 7 April

Term 2 -

Term 3 -

Term 4 7 October – 20 December



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Cross Age Studio - South Yarra

Cross Age is on hiatus for Term 3 whilst we get our full workshop program back up and running. Cross Age will be rebooted in Term 4. Stay tuned for more information.

What happens when children of various ages explore their artistry side-by-side?

The Cross Age Studio invites young people to embrace the age they are at. Whether they’re five, seventeen, or anywhere in-between, the Cross-Age Studio provides an opportunity for young people, who are sometimes kept apart, to share knowledge and ideas.

The Cross Age Studio holds a unique place in our workshop program. Instead of expecting our young people to learn, play and develop in a certain sequence, we’re encouraging the whole community to work together. Everyone contributes at the same level – despite their age.

When big questions arise everyone collaborates to make them accessible. Whether the younger ones have to step up or the older ones have to communicate differently, their perspectives enrich one another and lead to fascinating and unexpected outcomes.

This is the beauty of the Cross Age Studio - young people are discovering the world through each other’s eyes instead of an adult telling them how things are.

Like our main workshop program, the Cross Age Studio develops work in response to the company-wide investigation.

We explore ensemble training, physical improvisation and the basics of devising theatre. We investigate the more traditional forms of voice and text and combine all these experiences in an end of year performance.

For enrolment enquiries please contact our Workshops Coordinator.

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"It's fantastic that you can find a way to be inclusive so that all of the kids shine."
"It has been an extraordinary thing for any young person to be part of. Keep doing all your magic."
It was a real gift for me to see Annika begin to respond to the energy and creativity that you brought to the classes.