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Wednesday 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Saturday 10:00am - 11:00am

Term Dates 2020

Term 1 --

Term 2 20 April – 29 June

Term 3 --

Term 4 --



1 hour weekly workshop
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7-8 Year Olds - Online

It is essential that you read and understand our Online Safety Pack before enrolling:

Online Safety Pack

The 60-minute workshops for 7-8’s will be a weekly gathering point for young people to express, create, play and connect. Our workshops for 7 – 8s are all about creating confident children who can speak up and share their ideas and points of view.
We ask that parents are present at the start of each workshop, and available to assist their young person if needed.

During the classes we will focus on:
- Storytelling
- Games
- Movement and dance
- Using the house to explore creative provocations
- Drawing & craft

We will be using the online platform as our own creative provocation: building exercises designed for this online format and allowing the workshops to creatively build week by week.
For these workshops you will need:
- Paper and pens for drawing
- Cardboard boxes of various sizes
- The chance to set up a space as a mini-set using objects from around the house (think chairs, a sheet, pots and pans, anything really!)

To meet our class requirements we will be combining 7-8s and 9-10 age groups
Please be aware that our Digital Workshops will adhere to strict minimum class sizes. If a class has low enrolments, St Martins will look at combining classes where possible, or cancelling the class when there are no other options.

See what others had to say..

It's fantastic that you can find a way to be inclusive so that all of the kids shine.
"Madi thoroughly enjoyed her workshops over the holidays. Amelia was gorgeous. Nice to see Madi participating fully & skipping out happier for the dramatic experience!"
It was a real gift for me to see Annika begin to respond to the energy and creativity that the three of you brought to the classes. She really needed something like this after a difficult year.