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Thursday 4.30pm - 6.30pm

Saturday 2pm - 4pm

Term Dates 2020

Term 1 28 January – 28 March

Term 2 14 April – 29 June

Term 3 13 July – 19 September

Term 4 5 October – 19 December



2 hour weekly workshop
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13-17 Year Olds - Siteworks, Brunswick

Our teen ensemble program centres on the philosophy that human beings make art in order to better understand the world.

Our workshop artists challenge our teen ensembles to explore how culture works, to think critically about performance making, and to question their own beliefs as they build performance works on and off the stage.

Instead of teaching one acting method or merely leading the group, our workshop artists create a space where everyone can co-create together as artists. This can involve the workshop artist offering provocations, feedback and artistic responses based on equal exchange.

We work kinaesthetically to build a physical language as an ensemble. We explore a range of performative approaches to space, time, style, and collaboration.

Over the year, we align our company-wide investigation with performance and devising techniques through various forms:

  • We explore ensemble training, physical improvisation and the basics of devising theatre.
  • We examine the body in space through physical responses to content.
  • We investigate voice by engaging in text work, writing our own work and devising new work based on old texts.

Then in term 4, we combine all our experiences into devising an end of year showing that is performed in our festival of new works – Hatched!

While performance is our focus, we also ask our teen ensemble to develop an understanding of themselves as whole creatives—artists who have a voice and who are passionately investigating the creative ways and means of expressing it.

Our teen ensemble leave St Martins as skilled, thoughtful, curious, and empowered theatre-makers.

Learn more about our workshop philosophy and workshop artists here.

“I approach my students as artists. I encourage them to be rigorous in the questions they ask. I’m trying to cultivate them as creatives. Not just actors, but as devisors, directors… As people who can develop an understanding of themselves as creators, as people who have a relevant voice that should be heard.”

Harriet Devlin, Workshop Artist

The last fifteen minutes of every workshop is open to families to see their children at play. Families are also warmly invited to join in a ‘sharing’ during the last session of each term.

If you’d like your child to participate in a workshop at St Martins, but feel they can’t due to disability, cultural background, financial challenges or other barriers, you can apply for an inclusion scholarship or engage in one of our outreach programs. Discover more here.

Family discount: enrol a 2nd child and receive 15% off your tuition fee.
Concession: apply your concession card for 25% off.
To apply for a discount or concession, kindly contact our office on (03) 9867 2477.

For enrolment enquiries please contact ourWorkshops Coordinator.

See what others had to say..

"Madi thoroughly enjoyed her workshops over the holidays. Amelia was gorgeous. Nice to see Madi participating fully & skipping out happier for the dramatic experience!"
"I am moved to tears every week watching this child who faces so many obstacles, because of his hidden disability, presenting as normal and blossoming under your care and skilled education."
"Paige had a wonderful time with St Martins and has definitely grown many friendships and gained a wealth of experience and we are forever grateful."

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