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Term Dates 2020

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Term 3 13 July – 19 September

Term 4 10 October – 12 December



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11-12 Year Olds Digital Workshops - Online

11-12 Workshop SOLD OUT

It is essential that you read and understand our Online Safety Pack before enrolling:

Online Safety Pack

The 90-minute workshops for 11-12s, will be a weekly gathering point for young people to express, create, play and connect. At this age young people are bursting with creativity, ideas and opinions. Our workshops harness that energy through scaffolded approaches to devising and performing.Our workshops harness that energy through scaffolded approaches to devising and performing. Every St Martins workshop is lead by a lead artists in creative practice, with an inclusion artist to help cater to the needs of the young people, including support needs.
Our workshop artists use a scaffolded approach that provides multiple entry points and opportunities to grow. In a single session young people might play games that challenge focus, group work or spontaneity, improvise as characters, discuss themes and ideas and then work in small groups to create a performative response.

Join us for term 4, where every workshop will explore the themes the stories that shaped us, and be invited to contribute to our online event on the 12th of December, 40:40 Live, celebrating 40 years of St Martins.

In this workshop your young person can expect to:

  • Play warm up games that teach focus, group work, and spontaneity
  • Tell stories individually and in a group
  • Improvise and role-play, encouraging expressivity, listening and group work
  • Explore movement, both realistic and abstract
  • Devising specifically for an online performance
  • Write and build scenes with a group

For these workshops you will need:
  • Paper and pens for drawing
  • A safe space for moving around

Young people may be invited to gather in between workshops such as take a photo or put together a costume together.

We ask that parents or carers are present and providing supervision from within the same premises for the duration of this workshop.

This workshop will be lead by Maria Theodorakis with inclusion artist support by Seb Fowler.

Please be aware that our Digital Workshops will adhere to strict minimum session sizes. If a workshop has low enrolments, St Martins will look at combining workshops where possible, or cancelling when there are no other options.

If you’d like your young person to participate in a workshop at St Martins, but feel they can’t due to disability, cultural background, financial challenges or other barriers, you can apply for an inclusion scholarship.
Discover more about our scholarship program here.

Enrol a second young person and receive 15% off your second enrolment fee.

For enquiries please check out our FAQ or contact our Workshops Coordinator, Alex.

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"It was literally so much fun! It was so great to get to see everyone and it brought everyone together... Looking forward to doing it again!"
Emma, Digital Workshops Participant