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Tariro Mavondo


Tariro, who also goes by Hope, is a Zimbabwean born artist raised in Narrm/ Melbourne. Tariro’s body and breadth of work spans across the landscapes of multiple disciplines; acting, performance poetry, spoken word, writing, movement, directing, consultation and facilitation. Tariro invests deeply in the idea that storytelling is as vital to a healthy society or human ecological system as the functionality of our organs is to the body. Tariro is interested in the alchemical properties and healing powers of art and sees the role of art as a courageous space of imagination and magic that has huge reverberations in the ‘real’ word. Tariro is dedicated and committed to exploring and experimenting with the interfaces and intersections between art and other sectors to create conversations and dialogues that seek to build collaboratively a better, more harmonious and just world for all by all. 

Tariro is an award winning performance poet and works as an actor on the Australian stage (MTC, STC, Bell Shakespeare, Belvoir, Black Swan WA, Red Stitch) and screen (Neighbours, Winners and Losers), has been an actor in the internationally acclaimed, award winning webseries Shakespeare Republic and the award winning short film Arrivals, has been a voice over artist for La Trobe, AFLW, Thomas The Tank Engine (UK) and PWC. 

Tariro’s career highlights have been training with legendary dancer and teacher Anna Halprin in Northern California and attending the Decolonial Summer School in UniSA in Pretoria, South Africa both those experiences inform a lot of her work and artistic practices.