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Daniel Tobias. A White man with a shaved head. He is looking to camera with a neutral expression. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a red zip up hoodie.

Daniel Tobias


Daniel is multi award-winning theatre practitioner with thirty years’ experience as an actor, musician, writer and producer. Since 2006, Dan and Clare Bartholomew as Salvador Dinosaur have created a unique brand of cabaret comedy that has toured internationally to 14 countries.

As Otto & Astrid from the band Die Roten Punkte they have created and produced four full-length comedy theatre shows as well as playing large scale music festivals and opening for punk cabaret goddess Amanda Palmer in the USA, Europe and Australia. They have created many music videos featuring Otto & Astrid as well as a very popular thirteen-part web series.

Salvador Dinosaur have also created Rock Bang with Circus Oz, The Orchid and the CrowSunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon and The Anniversary.