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Cassandra Gray


Young people are incredible creators. They love to explore and challenge ideas or forms and that belief always creates great art. Their ability to try a variety of activities, theatre styles and genres is always impressive. What I’ve noticed most at St. Martin’s is the support offered to one another during performance making. If this is a glimpse of the future of our Arts industry, or even world, we are in great hands. My approach to working with young people is to create exercises and moments that act as a jumping off point, because each young artist has such an incredible perspective and ideas. I see my role as a facilitator to help young people see themselves as great artists. I like to start simple and add layers informed by those in the room. Being open to the work created and being flexible allows our young people to thrive and also see success in multiple ways. 

Cassandra Gray is a theatre maker and director. Working predominantly with young people, Cassandra sees theatre as a way of enacting change in our world. Her practice utilises physical devising methodologies as a way of creating a more egalitarian and inclusive space. Cassandra’s work explores movement, bodies in space, and how comedy can often speak to larger issues in our society. 

Cassandra has lived, taught and trained in Australia and Asia. Working and training with companies including Frantic Assembly and 2nd City, and undertaking workshops specialising in Butoh, Suzuki and Viewpoints. A recent returnee to Melbourne her work here includes Nothing at fortyfivedownstairs as movement director (2022) and A Resourceful Hero Struggling Against Incredible Odds at The Malthouse as assistant director (2022).