Fitter. Faster. Better.

Swing higher! Climb harder!

Stretch your body to its limits with a boot camp run entirely by children. Each adult participant is paired with a ‘personal trainer’ between six and ten years old for a workout designed to challenge the contemporary commodification of fitness.

This work has been performed as part of Dance Massive at Malthouse Theatre; at City Park Playground, Launceston as part of Junction Arts Festival; in Surfers Paradise for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games; and other events throughout the country!

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“…even more amazing was your vision in giving adults personal trainers between six and ten years old. I can’t decide if that’s madness or genius. I think probably both.”

  • Morag, Dancebase: Scotland’s National Centre for Dance.



12 April - 15 April 2018
Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast
Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

6 December 2016
Harmony Square,

12 – 13 August 2016
Festival Park and Palmerston

3 – 5 September 2015
City Park

12–21 March 2015
Malthouse Theatre
113 Sturt Street
Southbank VIC 3006

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