Digital Workshop FAQ

What equipment do I need?

To take part in our online classes young people will need to have access to:
- A computer, smartphone or tablet with a microphone and camera
- Internet connection
- A safe, clear space to work in
- Other materials as listed on the individual class descriptions

How will the digital classes be the same or different to the in-person St Martins classes?

St Martins is committed to offering the same high-quality workshops that embed principles of inclusivity, creativity and collaboration. We are limiting class sizes to ensure that we can deliver the individual feedback and group dialogue that are cornerstones of devising.
Our artists will adapt their practices to the digital space, working with the technology to find new possibilities. Children will still be able to create solo and group performances for the camera, transforming spaces and objects in their homes as sets, props and costumes. Older students may be asked to do small tasks throughout the week (such as writing, taking a photo, finding a song as creative stimulus or filming a video on a phone) to share with their class.
Class lengths have been shortened, as maintaining focus online can be more challenging than in person. The workshops are 90minutes.

My child wants to be in the same class as their friends, but the age groups have changed, how do I find out who the teachers are?

As we adapt our workshops to the online space physical locations are no longer a barrier to working together. We imagine that previous students from Northcote and South Yarra will be in the same class and may even be joined by young people who don’t live in Melbourne. We encourage our young people to be open to these new possibilities.

Is there a trial period?

St Martins can provide a full refund, if your young person does not wish to continue the digital workshops after the first week. To be eligible you must contact Alex, Workshop and Office Coordinator in writing by July 24th. Requests after this date will not be able to be processed.

What software or applications do I need and where do I get these from?

We will be using the Zoom platform for our online workshops. Zoom is free to join - you do not need to have a paid account to take part in our workshops. You must download the application before the first workshop from here: Zoom Download

What happens if my internet drops out (or in the case of technical difficulties)?

If a participant loses connection during a workshop, the Inclusion Artist will call the contact number on file so that the young person can participate via audio, until the technical issue is resolved. If you know prior to the workshop that you will have issues connecting (for example, if your internet connection is down that week), please make contact with Alex, our Workshop and Office Coordinator, prior to the workshop.

How will you ensure the online safety of our young people?

We take the safety of our young people very seriously and have created clear online safety policies and procedures. Upon enrolling all parents and guardians must read and sign our Online Safety Pack, which is available on our website.

Who can I talk to if safety concerns arise throughout the term?

We have a committed team here at St Martins who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of young people throughout all of our work practices. If you have online safety concerns, you can contact Alex, our Workshop and Office Coordinator or Tom, our Inclusion Coordinator. If you'd like to speak with the Teaching Artists directly, please contact Alex first, who will put you in touch with the most appropriate point of contact.

What happened to Cross Age?

Due to the smaller class sizes and our new approach to age brackets, Cross Age will not be running in Term 2.

Are the inclusion scholarships still available?

In these constantly evolving times, St Martins is working to translate all its physical capacities to the online space. To ensure the quality of its scholarship program, the following steps have been taken, as of the 10th of April:

  • All new applications to the scholarship program will have processing delayed until we are confident that the administration of the program will not require extraneous work from the guardian applying on behalf of their young person

Are you offering anything for children aged 5 – 6?

We will not be offering any Digital Workshops for children aged 5-8 in Term 3. On-Site 5-8s will be running.
This may be revised later in response to demand for such a workshop and the capacity for a functional workshop to be created

I've always wanted to do St Martins but we've been too far away, can I join if we're interstate?

Yes! We encourage people who were never able to make it ot an On-Site Workshop to join our Digital Workshop program!

For any more questions, please get in contact with Alex, Workshop and Office Coordinator.