Mila Rennie Galvin

Mila Rennie Galvin

This one time at St Martins I decided to wear a hat that looked like a cooked turkey!

At the moment, I am at school and freaking out about all of the work I have to complete for the last two years of my secondary schooling! Currently, my main focus in my life is to complete my VCE courses to the best of my capabilities. My life is very school focused which isn’t that bad, but it isn’t great either. Sometimes I wish I was back in year seven or even year 10 so I could just relax a bit more - but oh well.

Something that shaped my little bubble of a life was probably moving schools. I know that this is a process that many kids have to undergo but I just wonder what it would have been like staying at my old school.

I moved schools after year 4 and had made some really good friends that I felt close to. It was weird leaving; I didn’t really know what was going to happen. I was going into a year 5 class that was full of kids who already knew each other. When I think [back on it], it was actually quite daunting! However, once I got to know the new people in my class, I made some really close friends.

Making new “besties” was great, but in a way, it meant I lost contact with my other friends. I’m very grateful that I do attend the school I go to know, but I wouldn’t have minded staying at my old school until it was time for high school.

I think the school I go to know opened me up too many more opportunities and it led to a sequence of events that enrolled me into St Martins, [which is] pretty cool. I guess everything happens for a reason. Maybe if I’d stayed at my other school, I might have been a completely different person to who I am today! Overall moving schools can sometimes be a really good thing.

Mila Rennie Galvin is a VCE student, and St Martins participant from 2017 to the present day.

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