Lliam Amor

Lliam Amor

This one time at St Martins... “Jason Geary and I took over the gallery space and put in dozens of weird drawings, paintings and art objects. Half of which had to be taken down (too risque)”

In 1990 I auditioned for Jane Woollard’s production of ‘Christopher Columbus’ and was lucky enough to be cast. It was pure theatre magic onstage and off, the tiny Church Hall transforming every night. Around the same time I steeped myself in St Martins life, creating illustrations for the newsletter and doing as many productions as I could.

This was the groundwork that would cement my career choices.

The friendships and connections I made at this wonderful place have reverberated throughout my life and I often think of that time in a dreamy, fantastical way.

Lliam Amor is an actor, improviser, illustrator and teacher - a journey that began at St Martins 1989 - 1994.

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