Kate Hunter

Kate Hunter

This one time at St Martins...
Our show was about two rival gangs vying for territory. I was really into circus at the time and I choreographed a ‘fight’ scene that was a juggling duel. Because when shit gets real, there’s nothing like a couple of squishy soft juggling balls to really get your enemies squealing with fear.

A story about a moment, big or small
I got caught in a thunderstorm once: a massive, thunder-clapping, ground-shaking, drenching downpour. I was in the desert, and the whole sky lit up. I could feel the earth beneath my feet shuddering. It was terrifying but also electrifying – I felt very small and somehow at the mercy of nature. We don’t often have these experiences if we live in big cities, but they’re special moments which remind us of our humanity and connection to the planet.

Kate Hunter is an actor, theatre-maker, producer, academic, painter, knitter, gardener, reader, eavesdropper. She also likes to make lists.

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