In-schools Workshops

Within our inclusive workshop program, we create a culture of curiosity, collaboration and critical thinking that inspires young people to develop their communication skills and deepen their emotional intelligence.

St Martins recognises that children today are shouldering some hefty expectations. Statistics show that children in both primary and secondary schools exhibit a variety of anxieties as they grapple with the pressure of having answers ready and being ‘perfect’. St Martins Drama Based Inclusion Workshops for Schools promote an open, fun and safe space where young people are invited to form (and re-form) their points of view within a process of self-inquiry. Participants are encouraged to take risks, step into other people’s shoes and tackle the big questions.

Designed as a two session series, we will work with you and your students in your classroom, using theatre-based skills, story-telling and critical thinking exercises to bring inclusion into the spotlight through play. Students will learn tools to recognise and overcome barriers, celebrate difference and build better relationships with their peers.

Session One is an introduction to Inclusive Thinking: What does inclusion mean? How do we dispel myths and discomfort about differences and disabilities? Session Two builds on these themes, taking them into a theatrical approach.

Through active drama exercises, students will:

  • Explore the concept of diversity.
  • Develop an understanding of the social and environmental barriers we may face; visible and invisible.
  • Explore what is within our power to change.
  • Encourage good relationships with peers and positive impacts on mental well-being and self-esteem.
  • Develop empathy, cognitive and leadership skills and build self‑confidence.

Transitioning to secondary school is one of the critical junctions of a student’s schooling. Social challenges and overwhelm affect self-esteem, identity and relationships to peer groups. This program is specifically designed to build creative skills which apply to drama yet also equip this age group to navigate school life.

For more information about St Martins In-schools programs please contact Nadja Kostich: or (03) 9867 2477

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