Artistic Vision

Gonzo, photograph: Sarah Walker

Creativity is something that belongs to all of us. At St Martins we make art because we believe adults have a lot to answer for and children ask the best questions.

So we make bold, disruptive theatre fuelled by the voices of children and teenagers for adult audiences.

We believe children are a creative force right now. We’re not a training institution teaching young people to ‘one day’ work in the arts, every day we make sophisticated, contemporary art in collaboration with children.

We ask children difficult, gnarly questions to which we don’t have the answers.

They provide astonishing responses. Within our workshops and rehearsals, they challenge social assumptions, expose hypocrisies and voice inequalities. They make us see the world from a different perspective.

The work we create with children and teens plants seeds within our adult audiences. It makes them take a breath, think twice and question their beliefs.

We want to disrupt adults’ perceptions of young people in the world. We want adults to create space in our society for young people’s opinions to be heard. It’s a radical inversion of the hierarchy in which we live.

As a company, we’ve dedicated ourselves to broader social transformation through the act of children making art for adults.

“I’m blown away by the complexity and sophistication of responses when I ask a question or set up a provocation in a workshop. I see real and raw performances in these creative rooms that excite and move me. I laugh a lot – with astonishment, recognition, and awe!”

Nadja Kostich, Artistic Director

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