Petra Kalive

Petra Kalive

[I attended St Martins] from 1998-2000 (performers ensemble under Brett Adam,) then I returned as a tutor, director and teacher of the performer ensemble from 2004 to 2010 under Anthony Crowley and Sarah Austin.

This one time at St Martins I did a reading of a new Australian work with my now-husband.

There are so many moments that have shaped the person and creative I have become. So many moments tie into my formative years at St Martins. Key moments pop into my head as I think about it.

Standing outside Irene Mitchell studio under the awning while it was raining with my mum and we both knew that this is what I was going to do with my life.

Being asked to direct my first ever show at St Martins - recognising that this was what I was really meant to be doing.

Meeting 'my people' for the first time in my life in the Performers Ensemble - I had always felt like a misfit and suddenly I belonged.

Being welcomed back to St Martins with open arms as a teacher after completing my formal training as I navigated the abyss of the 'industry'. St Martins was a lifesaver for me financially and for my soul.

Being told to stop flirting with a boy during a reading of a new work -Actually the director said, "Flirting is a legitimate choice in this scene, but why don't you try another action?" I didn't even realise I was flirting - That boy is now my husband of 12 years.

Petra Kalive is currently Associate Director at Melbourne Theatre Company and a theatre director. She was a St Martins participant from 1998-2000 and St Martins teacher 2004-2010.

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