On-Site Workshop FAQ

Is there a trial period?

St Martins can provide a full refund, if your young person does not wish to continue the workshops after two week trial period. To be eligible you must contact Alex, Workshop and Office Coordinator. Requests after this date will not be able to be processed.

When do enrolments open?

Term 3 On-Site Workshops has been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.

When do you take on new students?

St Martins takes on new students throughout the year at the start of each term. Our highly skilled facilitators will ensure that new students are included and welcomed. We except new students up until the third week of each term, when enrolments close.

Do you put on plays?

At St Martins we engage the imagination and talents of our young people to create our own performances. Sometimes this looks like a play, sometimes this looks like a movement piece, sometimes this looks like a walking tour. We let our creative inquiry inspire and lead us to new worlds, new performances and new forms.

What happened to Cross Age?

Cross Age is on hiatus for Term 3 whilst we get our full workshop program back up and running. Cross Age will be rebooted in Term 4. Stay tuned for more information.

Will you be practising social distancing?

When we return on-site we will do so n line with the Government’s recommendations. Currently that is that young people 18 years and under do not need to socially distance. Workshop artists will keep social distance from each other and young people. For more information check out our On-Site Workshop Policy.

What kind of contract tracing will you practice?

St Martins records weekly workshop attendance and, should a participant have COVID-19, will contact workshop members immediately. In this instance, the workshop will promptly move to digital for 2 weeks, so that participants can remain safe.