Tim Stitz

Tim Stitz

This one time at St Martins...
I wheeled a set piece of sawn-off pieces of my first car on to stage, on a trolley, and performed on its bonnet in a two-hander short play set in Scotland. It was SO HEAVY!

Tim Stitz (right) performing in a Fiona Blair production at St Martins.

A story about a moment, big or small
I was a beneficiary of Brett Adam's time at St Martins and met so many excellent people while part of the Performance Ensemble, various productions, and workshops at St Martins around this time. In around 2004 I think I did a professional creative development of a new play by Meg Courtney, directed by new St M's AD Anthony Crowley. Two of the other actors were Kylie Trounson (who is still a dear friend) and Petra Kalive (my partner and wife). Kylie played my girlfriend and Petra my best friend. The one thing that sticks in my mind is when Anthony (the Artistic Director at the time) gave notes to Petra and me after a scene - he said to Petra that she should stop flirting with my character as we were just friends. It wasn't the very first time I'd met Petra - that development - but it very likely sealed a connection that took a little while to go any further, but once it did, it turned into the longest relationship in my life, a dog, two children, a home and life together. We both feel extremely fondly towards St Martins, that formative time in our lives and what a place like St Martins is and can be for young people exploring their craft and developing their talent.

Tim Stitz is a creative producer and arts manager. He's worked at APAM , La Mama, has completed short-term contracts with Arts Centre Melbourne and Creative Partnerships Australia. He's also been the Creative Director & CEO of Chamber Made, a Melbourne company that creates original, contemporary artworks at the nexus of performance, sound and music. In his early career (2004-2011) he worked as a performer in theatre, film and television, co-devising a number of new Australian and international works. He's the recipient of multiple Green Room Awards and was part of the Melbourne Playback ensemble (2007-2012). Most recently Tim has been appointed executive producer and co-chief executive officer at Geelong's internationally acclaimed Back To Back Theatre.

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