Rachel Burke

Rachel Burke

This one time at St Martins...
A Japanese lighting designer visited the Randall and brought with him the most beautiful lighting filters, glorious colours that I'd never seen before. I was very nervous cutting the colour because I knew we couldn't replace it in Melbourne.

Rachel Burke. Photo Credit: Peter Casamento

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In 1989 I had an interview at St Martins with Alex Duncan, Production Manager for the role of intern technician. Armed with a roll of drafting film, showing my clumsy student attempts at hand drafting of lighting plans, I nervously walked down the laneway to find No 28, the white house-like building. Recently graduated from Rusden College with a Dance/Drama B.ED, it had become clear to me that I loved lighting (from my one experience of lighting the 3rd year dance production on a Stand Electric LC quadrant fader desk) and that backstage was vastly more suited to my abilities!
I didn't think I had a hope of getting that job but Alex 's interest that day and the subsequent unwavering and invaluable support of Chris Thompson, James Buick and Leon Dark set up a pathway that I've never wanted to diverge from.
I learnt to tour, to teach, to design, to solve technical problems, to collaborate and to find my feet with some of the most wonderful people in our industry, many of whom remain great friends to this day. I also learnt to make prop elephants out of carpet underlay with Emma Anderson and she says she still has one!

Rachel is a lightening designer for theatre and architecture. She is passionate about dramaturgy of text and design and sharing her her craft with others.

“Everything that I continue to love most about live performance and creative collaboration was encouraged and supported at St Martins.”

– Rachel Burke

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