Michele Lee

Michele Lee

This one time at St Martins...
I got to weave Batman into a play.

Michele Lee. Photo credit: Victoria Scott

A story about a moment, big or small
My son is quite fascinated by death, and I am writing something about this topic too. So I think about moments in my own life where I've felt a little brush with danger or even felt as though I could have died. Riding my bike (or was it even a tricycle) down a steep driveway and just missing being hit by a car, riding an elephant at a sanctuary in Laos and sitting atop it as it did its daily bath and feeling so close to falling off and being crushed (I can't swim by the way), the car accident when I was 21 and driving home late after a long week, day, year and falling asleep at the wheel for a moment. These haven't shaped my life, just moments within it that make me think about my life, about my family and their lives, about times I've pushed myself perhaps too far.

Michele Lee is a writer, but also has a desk job, a little 3-year-old boy, and chickens out the front.

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