Lola Morgan

Lola Morgan

This one time at St Martins...
This kid kept throwing chairs after he was once told that he could do it in a play. That was a great time.

Lola performing in St Martins x THE RABBLE's 'LONE'. Photo credit: Bryony Jackson.

A story about a moment, big or small
This is very small, but it would probably be the first time I listened to Hamilton. I had never heard musical theatre that I enjoyed before and Hamilton started my passion for acting. I didn't know that musicals could be 'cool' because the people around me growing up generally hated them. I was starting St Martins around the same time so I was DETERMINED to learn about theatre and one day be in a musical/ play of my own. It seems like a pretty small thing, but if my older friends hadn't introduced me to it, I would be a completely different person now.

Lola has been attending St Martins Workshops since 2017, participated in the St Martins Cross-Age program and Teen Workshops, and has appeared in St Martins productions Banjos, Boots & Beyoncé (2017) and St Martins x THE RABBLE's 'LONE' (2018). Lola says, "I'm still acting, thanks to St Martins giving me the tools to do so."

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