St Martins Village • St Martins Youth Arts Centre

St Martins Village is a way to celebrate the bold and disruptive work of young people. Join St Martins Village to support St Martins’ programs, workshops, outreach, and productions.

All driven by the empowerment of young people. Membership is renewed on an annual basis.

What do I get on each tier? 



Assists in travel for a young person for the day

  • Exclusive St Martins Village Mailing List
  • VIP invites



Supports a young person for a whole week

  • All the earlier perks plus
  • Acknowledgement in St Martins annual reporting
  • St Martins Village merch pack



Support one young person for a whole term

  • All earlier perks plus
  • Early bird access to events
  • Invitation to opening night events
  • Access to previews



Supports a workshop of young people for the whole term

  • All earlier perks plus
  • Name a chair in the Randall Theatre
  • Tickets to select performances

“Some teenagers who come to us are dealing with a lot of personal stuff. They tell me St Martins has given them a safe space to work through it all. I’ve had some amazing conversations with young people who feel they’re able to be themselves here, that St Martins is the only place where they’ve been encouraged to do that.”

—Harriet Devlin, Workshop Artist